HPI 5b,5t,SC Stainless Steel Work Station
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The base and platform are made from a "laser cut" 11 gauge (.120 thk) 304L Stainless Steel sheet with a #4 finish. It's the same brushed finish most stainless appliances have for your kitchen. The center pipes are 304L S.S. also they have 4" of pinned height adjustment with a locking knob.  The over all size is 12" wide x 18" deep x 8.5 - 12.5 height.  

I've designed and incorporated a shock work station into the top plate. Simply squeeze by hand to remove the plastic rivets that hold the chassis pad and underneath are 4 laser cut ports to accommodate 4 HPI shock bodies. Our newest version eliminates the pad and uses rubber feet in place of the plastic rivets. While supplies last we will include both setups. This port is cut to eliminate that dreaded wrench by serving as the wrench itself while it holds the shock body. No more vises needed.

Directly under the shock station I've laser cut and flush mounted a 4" diameter magnetic parts tray which works great as a shock fluid catcher too or just lift it out and use whatever you'd like. I've been using the foam pad with good results, actually it's a "Oil-resistant Neoprene/Vinyl/Buna Foam.


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HPI 5b,5t,SC Stainless Steel Work Station

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